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Georgia - Israel
Georgian- Jewish historical background

The Jews of Georgia are divided into two groups. Georgian Jews have a 2,600-year history in the region, while the Ashkenazim came to the country during the Russian annexation in the early 19th century.

The Georgian Jewish community numbered approximately 100,000 at its peak but has steadily dwindled with immigration to Israel to approximately 15,000 today. The majority of the Georgian Jews live in Tbilisi with 2 smaller communities in other cities.

Bilateral relationship with Israel

Diplomatic relations with Georgia were established on June, 1, 1992 and have flourished ever since the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business was established in 1996 in order to facilitate business transactions between the two friendly countries and acting as a guide for Israeli businesses through the Georgian economy.

Israel-Georgia bilateral cooperation has expanded rapidly over the past years and includes all fields of cooperation such as:
  • Regular bilateral and multilateral political dialogue.
  • Cooperation between legislative authorities. Parliamentary Groups of Friendship have been established in both countries.
  • Cooperation in the fields of Culture and Education:
    - Protection of Georgian cultural heritage in Israel;
    - Georgian language TV and Radio Broadcasting in Israel;
    - Training of Georgian specialists in the courses organized by "Mashav"- Center for International Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.
Apart from governmental cooperation, the business relationship between local Georgian and Israeli entrepreneurs have flourished to include:
  • Insurance
  • Real-estate and construction
  • Medical and dental  solutions
  • Industrial and utility projects
  • Energy
The relationship between Georgia and Israel continues to go from strength to strength and the opening of TBC invest in Israel by TBC Bank is a further confirmation of these close relationships.

TBC Invest strives to build on the current relationship and take it forward into the future by facilitating a simple and easy way of doing business in Georgia.

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